While friends and family are in town for Thanksgiving, skip the shopping and plan an outdoor Fall Festival instead.

Let’s Get Started

Schedule a day of outdoor fun-filled with games and activities of your choice. Use these tips for planning and a list of activity ideas to make this a wild and adventurous outdoor gathering!



Festival Games and Activities

  • Play Wild Bingo
  • Make mud pies or splash in mud puddles
  • Play tag and other running games
  • Make instruments from household materials, items found outside, or recycled items and create a song with your group
  • If there’s snow on the ground, make snow animals or snow art

Tip: Don’t forget to clean up after your event!

Good Job!

Good Job!

Document Your Discoveries

Photo: Lauren Langebartels
  1. Write down your plans for your event in your Nature Notebook.
  2. Have your participants sign a guestbook sheet and leave a happy note.

Bonus: Share your favorite moments from the fall festival on social media using the hashtag #GreenHour.


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