Hey Parents!

Many of your favorite childhood memories may involve playing and exploring outside: climbing trees, riding bikes, playing tag, swimming, building sandcastles, constructing forts, exploring the world around you and imagining your way into new worlds.

But did you know that time spent outdoors in nature for American kids has decreased by more than 50%, on average? Meanwhile, time spent inside and plugged into electronic media has stretched to more than six hours per day. Today’s children are the first generation to grow up somewhat disconnected from nature.

American kids spend 50% less time outside than their parents did.


Daily unstructured free play improves children’s physical and mental health.


Physically active kids are more creative, less aggressive, and show better concentration.


Outdoor experiences and education enhance children’s ability to learn and retain knowledge.


Outdoor experiences build a conservation ethic and concern for the natural world.

Today's kids spend more than 6 hours per day on electronic media.

Let’s Get Started?

Encouraging your child to play outdoors safely and spending time together outside in nature has tremendous benefits! Here we will provide helpful tips and seasonal activities for a daily Green Hour wherever you live.

Now, let’s play outside!

Today's kids spend more than 6 hours per day on electronic media.
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