When scientists, explorers, detectives, writers and artists study in the outdoors they always carry paper or a device to record their findings. It helps them remember their experiences and put their observations in context. Make your time outdoors more meaningful too by keeping a Nature Notebook.

Make Your Nature Notebook

There’s no right way to make a Nature Notebook. A 3-inch binder makes a great Nature Notebook because it is large enough to keep samples you may collect. A blank spiral notebook is good too. You can also make one using paper and cardboard you have at home. It can be fancy or simple. You can decorate the outside or leave it plain. It is really up to you. Here’s a few examples:

How to Use Your Nature Notebook

You are ready to head outdoors and discover nature where you live. Like any journal or diary, you will find it helps to start each entry with the same initial observations. To help you remember more details about your experiences, be sure to include:

  • the date
  • time of day
  • location and describe the weather conditions for each entry

Whenever you head outside, take your Nature Notebook with you to write or draw your observations and document what you find. In no time, you will be amazed by everything you discover and how knowledgeable you become about the natural world and your place in it.

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