What are signs that spring has arrived where you live? Budding flowers on trees Patches of green grass and small flowers? What birds, insects, and animals do you see and hear? 

Let’s Get Started

 Take a walk in your yard or down your street, sit on your balcony, or visit a nearby park to hunt for signs of spring. 

How many of the following signs of spring do you come across? Check off each one you “detect.”

Document Your Discoveries

  1. What else did you spy? List other nature items you detected in your Nature Notebook.
  2. Keep a calendar and mark down every new spring thing you see on the day you first notice it. Save your calendar so you can compare signs of spring from one year to the next! 
  3. Join Journey North and “Report Your Sightings.” Check it all out at journeynorth.org.
  4. Bonus: Share your list and organize a Spring Scavenger Hunt for friends and family.


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