Some nature trails have posted signs to tell you which way to go. How would you mark your trail with items you find in nature or what would you draw to make your own secret sign?

Let’s Get Started

Trail signs guide you along a path and show you which way to go or not to go. They are just like the symbols you see on streets and roads, like arrows and red stop signs. Think about what kind of trail sign you would like to make and what materials you would use. Will you use natural materials, special symbols you draw or a combination of both to mark the way? Then try it out in your backyard, a nearby park, or other familiar areas.

  • Now, collect rocks, sticks, and other natural objects such as pine cones, nuts, seeds, leaves or flowers to make your signs and mark a trail.
  • Share the fun with your friends and family by marking a trail for them to follow.
  • Place a surprise for them to find at the end of your trail.

Document Your Discoveries

  1. Sketch your trail sign(s) in your Nature Notebook.
  2. Draw a secret sign or symbol to mark your path.
  3. Bonus: Add them to your map or along the path to your favorite outdoor spot.


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