As winter deepens and the cold winds blow, you might think all the creatures have fled to warmer climates until spring. In reality, there is plenty of wildlife where you live.  Be on the lookout for these animals and their signs this winter.

Let’s Get Started

Go on an “expedition” right in your neighborhood with family or friends and play I-spy.

Then make a list of the animals you spot together.

Can you spy?

  • A sign left by an animal
  • An animal that is eating
  • An animal that is furry
  • A bird with its feathers puffed up
  • An animal that is hiding
  • An animal that is moving
  • A large Insect
  • A cloud shaped like an animal
  • A flock of birds together

Document Your Discoveries

Photo: Michelle Miklik | Canada Geese

Draw or describe the winter animals and signs that you spy in your Nature Notebook.

Bonus: Show how us your wildlife drawings and photos on social media by using the hashtag #GreenHour.

Helpful Hint: Learn more about viewing cold-weather animals this season.


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