While some wildlife find holes, caves, and other shelters that already exist, many creatures are known to build their own homes. Explore your wild side and build an outdoor fort. If it’s too cold to head outside, you can build a fort inside.

Let’s Get Started

Here are four simple ways to get outside and recycle your pumpkins to help wildlife. There are many ways to build a fort outdoors. Here are five different kinds of forts you can try. Use your imagination and create your own fort design too!

Lean-To. Find a low tree branch. Hang a tarp or blanket over it or lean sticks against it. 

Teepee. Gather three or more long sticks or branches. Tie them together at the top and stand them up. Make Walls with a blanket, a tarp, or more sticks. 

Hedge House. Find a bush or hedge with space underneath and crawl right in.

Snow Cave. If there’s snow outside, pile it up and hollow out a little den. 

Indoor Fort. Use sheets, blankets, beach towels, pillows, boxes, and such to construct an inside hideout.

Document Your Discoveries

Photo: marnag
  1. First, design your fort in your Nature Notebook.
  2. Draw or add a photo of your fort.

Bonus: Share your fort on social media by using the hashtag #GreenHour.


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