Head outside in your own yard, neighborhood, at a nearby park and look for birds. How many bird behaviors can you find?

Let’s Get Started

Each kind of bird is specially adapted to a particular habitat, where it finds what it needs to live. Woodpeckers need trees, sparrows live in shrubs and thickets, ducks need water, and so on.  What you see will depend in large part on where you look. 

Find a place to sit and see if you can observe birds doing any of the following bird behaviors on the Bingo Card.  

  • Flocking: Birds flying together in a group.
  • Bathing: Birds wetting their feathers or “playing” in water or dust.
  • Feeding: Eating worms or seeds
  • Hiding: Birds quietly sitting still in cavities, tree holes, bird houses, or under the shade of tree branches.
  • Giving an Alarm Call: Birds announcing they see a predator or intruder.
  • Preening: Birds cleaning their feathers with their beaks.
  • Singing: Birds chirping, tweeting, and making short, high noises
  • Flying: Birds traveling by flapping their wings
  • Nesting: Birds carrying little twigs gathering mud, or flying into the same sheltered spots repeatedly

Document Your Discoveries

  1. Using the Nature Notebook as a guide, copy or draw a large square on a piece of cardboard or paper.
  2. Use a ruler and a pencil or marker to divide the large square into 9 smaller squares. 
  3. Write or draw one of each of these behaviors on your card: flocking, bathing, feeding, hiding, giving an alarm call, preening, singing, flying, nesting.
  4. Bonus: Make several Bird Bingo Cards and play with family and friends.


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